May 21, 2024


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Alternative Energy Or Renewable Energy?

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Apart from the obvious, like higher costs in our electricity bills, affordability plays a major part in trying to find alternative and stable energy supply. The environmental costs for using fossil fuels are affecting our planet. The resources are depleting at a faster rate as demand for energy grows. People are beginning to wake up to their responsibilities to the wider environmental cost. The slow destruction by pollution and environmental concern is no longer for the “tree huggers”.

Producing energy from energy sources that does not require the burning of fossil fuels or splitting of atoms is referred to as producing alternative energy. The undesirable effects that come from burning fossil fuels and from nuclear waste byproducts, has renewed interest in this field of study.

Energy sources that have no undesired consequences, that is renewable and is thought to be “free”, such as Wind, solar, wave etc…Are referred to as alternative energy.

The main alternative sources to generate power are, wind power, solar, wave, and nuclear. There are other energy sources to the main five that are alternative to fossil fuels.

Alternative energy sources must be developed so that we can have reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly ways to run cars, power manufacturing plants, heat and cool businesses, schools, and homes. Alternative energy sources are necessary to develop so that we can have more approach for power production.

Renewable are not inherently alternative energies for this purpose. The Netherlands, once leader in use of palm oil as a biofuel, has suspended all subsidies for palm oil due to the scientific evidence that their use “may sometimes create more environmental harm than fossil fuels”. Renewable energies are alternatives to traditional sources

Renewable energy plays an important role in the supply of energy. When renewable energy sources are used, the demand for fossil fuels is reduced. Renewable energy is manufactured energy. According to REPP analysis, 70% of the labor required producing wind and solar energy is in the manufacturing of the components.

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