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Coping With an Itchy Penis – Could It Be an Allergic Reaction?

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Men who have allergies – whether to nuts, insect bites, plant materials, or any other substance found in their environment – are often at risk for allergic skin reactions which can result in an itchy penis, swelling, and a world of pain and misery. Avoiding these substances is, of course, the first line of defense in dealing with a penis allergy, but this is not always possible. When an allergic reaction occurs, some penis care tips can help to soothe the pain; and being aware of some common culprits when it comes to allergies can help men to steer clear as often as possible.

Latex – the top contender in the penile skin allergy category is latex, which is found not only in condoms, but also in many articles of clothing; latex and similar substances are often added to other material to help prevent stretching and loss of shape of a particular garment. Even men who have not previously experienced allergic reactions to latex may develop an immune reaction to this material. For those who experience itching, redness, swelling and irritation of the skin, an alternative condom material such as polyurethane may be a better choice.

Fabrics – Aside from fabrics containing latex, other materials used in clothing manufacture may cause symptoms such as an itchy penis, redness and swelling. Synthetic materials such as nylon, Spandex, and other petroleum derivatives are often irritating to delicate skin; and aside from the fabrics themselves, many men experience reactions to dyes and other chemicals added to the material. Furthermore, natural fabrics such as wool can be highly irritating, even if the reaction does not constitute an allergy, and should never be worn directly against the penis.

Personal Care Products – Personal hygiene products like shampoos, conditioners, soaps and deodorants often contain combinations of chemicals that can cause severe reactions with sensitive skin. Men who experience symptoms such as rash, itchy penis, dry skin, swelling and burning on the skin following use of a personal care item may consider switching to a hypoallergenic formula.

Environmental Irritants – Plants, household dust, pet dander, insects and other things found in the environment can cause immune reactions in sensitive individuals that can lead to severe discomfort and irritation. Avoiding toxic plants such as poison ivy and poison oak, using a home air filter, cleaning frequently and avoiding areas where insects swarm may help to prevent painful allergic reactions.

Vaginal Fluids – Although it is highly uncommon, there have been cases reported where men experience allergic-type reactions following contact with a partner’s bodily fluids. Fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels can create an environment that is harsh on highly sensitive skin. It is important when such a reaction occurs to see a doctor for skin testing, in order to rule out any other substances that might be causing the problem. In some instances, men may need to avoid contact with a partner during certain times of the month.

Soothing an itchy, inflamed penis

The first step in coping with a penis allergy is to remove the offending material. When an allergic-type reaction occurs, the affected skin should be rinsed carefully and thoroughly with lukewarm water in order to wash away all traces of the allergen. A hypoallergenic cleanser may be used on sensitive skin, but ordinary soaps and shower gels should be avoided, because they often contain chemicals that can exacerbate the problem.

Afterward, a cool compress may be applied to help reduce swelling. At this point, it is good idea to consult a doctor about what to do to relieve the aftereffects and prevent further occurrences. Some physicians will recommend an antihistamine or a cortisone cream; while a doctor’s directions should be followed, it is worth noting that long-term use of cortisone creams may result in thinner, more fragile dermal tissue. No creams should be applied to affected skin without the recommendation of a trained medical professional.

After the skin has been restored to normal, many men find that applying a penis health cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) fortified with targeted vitamins and other nutrients for penis health helps to improve the tone and texture of the penile skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and responsive.

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