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Crystal Meth Addiction – Signs Someone You Know Is Addicted to Crystal Meth

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Crystal Meth Addiction – Signs Someone You Know Is Addicted to Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is a pure form of methamphetamine, derived from either ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. It can be crushed and snorted, melted in a glass pipe and smoked, injected with a syringe, even eaten. Users experience feelings of euphoria, heightened senses, increased energy, a perceived increase in focus and feelings of power.

The following is a partial list of observable signs a person is on the drug:

  1. Whatever the person is talking about pours out in a stream.
  2. If you have the chance, have the person stick out their tongue. A person who is on meth will be showing you a tongue in muscle spasms. It will look as if it has electrodes hitting different parts of it simultaneously.
  3. People who are on meth tend to sweat well beyond what is considered normal.
  4. Crystal Meth produces dilated pupils.
  5. A person taking it will repeat the same behavior over and over.
  6. You may notice an unusual breakout of what looks like acne, and the person will pick at the blemishes. Even if there is no apparent breakout the addict may pick at his skin for no apparent reason.
  7. You may notice (in some cases but not all) rapid weight loss, especially around the face.
  8. The person’s skin may be clammy looking or grey in pallor.
  9. The addict’s hygiene will be quite poor.
  10. Tooth decay is another common symptom of Crystal Meth abuse. Many people have lost a number of teeth from using the drug over periods of time. This is caused by severe calcium and vitamin deficiencies.
  11. Methamphetamine addicts are very active for periods that can last several days, even up to a week, followed by periods of sleep or depression.
  12. If a person has been taking Crystal Meth for a few days in a row, his jaw may “wind” or move in a sort of circle involuntarily.

In addition to these symptoms, Crystal Meth creates severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, causes inflammation around the heart, and causes inflammations on the skin. Meth users typically experience dramatic mood swings, going from elated excitement to feelings of deep depression, suicidal or even homicidal thoughts.

Many Meth addicts start “projects” such as disassembling a radio, a piece of furniture or an appliance, and end up leaving it a big mess. They will often attempt to repair things by using parts from other things that are handy, creating an enormous mess of incomplete projects all around them.

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