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Depression and Human Intelligence

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Depression and Human Intelligence

The inexplicable depression one feels, of course, can be explained; however, the human being cannot understand it yet. I told you in my previous articles that depression is mainly provoked because the person had not developed all their psychological functions, and their psyche suffers for this reason. However, this is only the beginning of the answer.

The human being is very intelligent; he is in fact a genius, but the biggest part of his conscience remains wild and violent. If this wild content comes to the surface of the human conscience, which is the side of our conscience that we know, we start having several problems and our thoughts and feelings seem distorted and strange. This content is very dangerous, especially because it provokes craziness to the human conscience. However, we cannot eliminate this side of our conscience. Instead, we have to develop that wild side and transport it to our human conscience. This is the way that we acquire more conscience of reality.

What means to have a conscience? It means we have a notion of our existence and we understand the meaning of our actions. We give meaning to everything and criticize everything. We characterize our actions as being good or bad, we judge our behaviour and those of others. Moreover, we make plans in order to transform the reality we are in, according to what we believe that would be better for us. This is to have conscience, or in other words, to have a notion of our existence.

We think that this part of our conscience which we know is the only one that exists inside us, but we are wrong, because there is another side of our conscience which remains still primitive. However, this crudeness is not how we may imagine it to be, because this other part of our conscience is completely independent and very clever. It is in fact a very strong enemy, because this part wants to control our behaviour and it is always trying to invade our human conscience. The wild side of the human conscience is very smart and lays many traps. It is a crude and primitive conscience because its intention is bad and it lives to incite suffering, but on the other hand, it is sneaky and knows many tricks.

I had to relate several scientific discoveries made after Jung’s death besides several of his and his students’ works, which revealed to us the exact same facts, so that I would be able to prove to the world the truth Jung discovered concerning dream interpretation. This was, however, only the beginning… The continuance was too complicated… I felt that if the computer didn’t appear in my life I wouldn’t have been able to unite all the parts of this book!

Our wild conscience is really a genius, but because it is evil, it is in fact very crude. However, if this part passes through the process of consciousness, it really can be refined to become a genius. That’s why the human being can reach God’s intelligence. This is his potential.

If we think about how much our psyche suffers because we are so intelligent but never develop all our capacities and live in suffering because of our many ridiculous mistakes based on the minimum percentage of our conscience developed according to human characteristics, we can understand how our psyche feels. It’s a waste of intelligence… Besides that, this violent side we inherit in our ancient conscience ruins our life.

Wouldn’t it be better if we would all learn how to develop our capacities through dream interpretation and how to prevent craziness that comes from the wild content of our psychic sphere to destroy our human conscience?

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