May 22, 2024


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Eczema Herpiticum – A Fatal Skin Disease

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Eczema herpiticum is a rare but fatal skin infection. They normally happen at locations of skin damage due to atopic dermatitis or the eczema. This condition is generally caused by a virus. The infection affects multiple organs such as the eyes, brain, lungs and liver. If you do not treat this skin disease it can cause death.

So although eczema is quite common affecting about 20% of children and 2% of adults it must not be left untreated. However it must be brought to mind that this skin disease up to this stage of modern technological advancements does not have any medical cure. The only logical treatment is relieving the symptoms. However conventional medication or creams for eczema herpiticum contains substance that could intoxicate your body. It is therefore strongly recommended to use natural methods to curb the symptoms.

The most common symptoms of the eczema are the dry, flaky skin which promotes the emergence of the deadly itch. When the eczema sufferer itch he would scratch the dry skin until it breaks and bleeds. This open wounds if not treated will be infested with virus and can cause the eczema herpeticum.

The only treatment of eczema herpiticum first of all is to find out the allergens that cause the eczema. Such allergens can be the food eaten, toiletries used and environmental irritants. Once this are established every effort must be made to avoid them completely.

For the dry and flaky skin it must be moisturized so that it is soft and smooth. When your skin is soft and smooth it would not itch at all. The best time to put on the moisturizer is right after bathing. However the soap used as well as the moisturizer should be the hypoallergenic types.

The previous one or two tips above are just a cheaper and safer temporarily relief than conventional medication. Conventional medication is not a permanent cure for eczema herpiticum which can cause more harm to you. That is why most health experts agree that the only way to completely cure eczema herpiticum is the natural way.

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