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Exercise for Cellulite – Cardio and Isometrics

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Exercise for Cellulite – Cardio and Isometrics

It has been estimated that approximately 75% of women suffer from varying degrees of cellulite. Deposits of fatty tissue in a woman’s derriere and thighs cause cellulite, and it can often lead to a dimpled, uneven appearance of the skin. There are ways to naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery or other invasive procedures, and one of these methods is through exercise. Most medical professionals agree that cardiovascular exercise the most effective mode of exercise to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The most common forms of cardiovascular exercise include jogging, aerobics, or swimming. Essentially, any form of exercise that elevates one’s heart rate can be considered cardiovascular exercise. During cardiovascular exercises, it is imperative that an individual maintains proper breathing practices.

The importance of cardiovascular exercise lies in the fact that when a woman’s heart rate is elevated, it burns calories. The calories often come from deposits of fat throughout the body. In order to effectively treat cellulite, it is recommended that a woman engage in cardiovascular exercise approximately three times a week, for thirty minutes at a time. Additionally, this form of thigh cellulite treatment increases the circulation of one’s bloodstream, which allows potentially harmful toxins to be flushed from the body. Exercises that improve muscle strength, or strength training, are also effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. These particular exercises, such as squats and lunges, can be used to target specific area of the body where cellulite occurs.

Recently, isometric exercises have become a popular method for targeting the reduction of thigh cellulite in the body. An isometric exercise differs from traditional methods of exercise because the targeted muscle group contracts, but it does not go through its full range of motion. The most advantageous aspect of isometric exercises is that they can be performed almost anywhere, even while one is sitting in a chair. They are performed by simply tightening the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the targeted area. The contraction is held for approximately thirty seconds, and then it is released. It is important for the individual to remember to breathe through their nose while the exercises are being performed. If a woman is uncertain of which exercises to choose, she may enlist the help of a personal trainer. He or she will be able to assist the individual in devising workout routines that will most effectively target cellulite prone areas of the body.

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