May 21, 2024


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Exercise Tips – Best Exercises To Build Muscle Size

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Many people workout without really knowing what exercises really add muscle size. All workouts will help you add some muscle, but certain ones add considerable amount of muscle mass. I like to call these the basic exercises for getting big.

Most beginners should start out with these first before moving on to another. Please use strict form and start off with light weight. Take your time while lifting and use full range of motion through out the exercise.


The squat is by far one of the best exercise you can do for developing muscle. It increases size in the legs and overall body size. This one movement can pack on loads of muscle when done right. I know many people who do just squats for building the lower part of the body.

Bench Press

I love the bench press. It’s my favorite exercise to build the chest. Not only does it work the chest, but also develops the shoulders, triceps and abdominal. I recommend adding this to your workout routine to add size to your chest. People can also use dumbbells or barbells to do this exercise.

Dead Lifts

The deadlift is also a great exercise to add to your routine. It works the whole body, especially the back, legs and abdominal. Please be careful with this exercise. You must use strict form and take your time with this one.

Military Press

This is definitely a shoulder builder. If you want big size shoulders this is a must to add to the workout plan. Please start off light then add more weight as you get stronger. This exercise also works the triceps and some of the back.

Wide Grip Pull Downs

Mainly a back exercise this will give you that V-Shaped look. If the person is looking for a defined back muscles, add this to your workout schedule. You will be happy with the results. Also by changing hand position from wide to narrow the individual will be targeting different back muscles.

Barbell Or Dumbbell Curls

Looking for larger arms, bulging biceps. This one exercise can add muscle mass to the arms. Arms are fairly east to grow and curls will do the job. When doing standing curls do not swing back and forth. Lower the amount of weight and stay straight up when doing curls.

Triceps Press

Another arm building exercise. This one will make the back of the arm huge. The back of the arm called the triceps makes up two- thirds of the arm. Most people think the bicep is the biggest part of the arm. That’s incorrect the triceps are. Build that part and you will have very large arms.

If you add the exercises I explained to your workout routines you should see an increase in muscle size and definition to your body.

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