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Exposure To Loud Noise Is The Major Cause Of Tinnitus

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What is exposure to loud noise?

Many people have no idea of the possible extreme consequences of being exposed to loud noise, whether the noise exposure is over a long term or in short, sharp exposures such as when your vehicles air bags deploy. Exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Tinnitus is the condition that millions of people suffer from that leaves them hearing a ringing in their ears or buzzing or chirping sounds.

Examples of exposure to loud noise

Examples of incidents that could cause an over exposure to loud noises and result in hearing loss and tinnitus include sudden explosions like fireworks, gunshots, planes taking off closely overhead or the impact of an accident such as vehicles colliding.

Exposure to loud noises in the workplace

Prolonged exposure to loud noise is often to blame for cases of hearing loss and tinnitus. People who work in factories where loud machinery is used are routinely subjected to over exposure to loud noise. Infantrymen also typically experience extremely loud exposure noise.

Musicians who participate in large-scale concerts as well as the concert goers themselves face exposure to loud noise on a regular basis, often without any form of protection. People that frequent nightclubs or loud bars also experience tinnitus and fuzzy hearing from the exposure to loud noises typically present in these venues.

The effects of exposure to loud noises

When loud noises interfere with one’s hearing or induce tinnitus, there is an indication that cochlear damage has occurred. The cochlea is the part of the inner ear that detects pressure and transmits electrical impulses through the auditory nerve, sending the sound transmission to the brain.

The majority cochlear damage cases stem from regular exposure to loud noise or from the person being in a motor accident which results in sudden exposure to extremely loud noises.

Tinnitus from exposure to loud noise

Habitual users of MP3 players are also at serious risk of exposure to loud noise with the resultant hearing loss and tinnitus as risks. Tinnitus caused by exposure to loud noise is best treated using alternative medicine such as homeopathy. There are also several herbal remedies that can be explored depending on the severity of the tinnitus.

How to avoid exposure to loud noise

The best defense against tinnitus caused by exposure to loud noises is wearing protective hearing in all situations that could put you at risk. Even the cheapest foam earplugs can reduce the exposure to loud noises quite dramatically.

If you have already been diagnosed with tinnitus, consult a doctor to learn about the treatment method that will work best for you and be sure to take preventative measures if you even suspect you might be at risk of exposure to loud noise.

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