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Fast Methods Of Gaining Muscle For Skinny Guys

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If you are looking for tips on building muscle for skinny guys, I have compiled a complete guide here for you. Including how to eat, train and everything else to help skinny people gain muscle. I understand that you are probably very frustrated with your body. Also maybe feel a little let down by some of the dodgy information being passed around these days? How skinny people gain muscle is different than other methods of muscle building.

Although I am natural fairly skinny myself, I do not have a truly ‘skinny guy’ genetic make up. I have trained a good friend of mine who is a true natural skinny person and I have been there to witness the hardships. Every pound put on in weight seems like a hard fought battle. Thankfully we have been able to get his weight and muscular development up to respectable levels. I am about to show you now how to gain muscle for skinny people!

Skinny Guy Gain Muscle Facts

As a skinny guy you are very catabolic in nature. This means that you have a very fast metabolism and burn of energy from food very fast. Your body also burns muscle for energy at times, so when skinny people gain muscle, it can be easily burnt for energy. The reason I am telling you this is that, you need a lot of food and nutrients to build muscle; but your body keeps burning all that nutrition before your muscles get a chance to use them. Don’t worry as there are ways to fix this to help skinny guys gain weight.

We can however use this information to help you make a complete building muscle for skinny guys program. For starters you have to train correctly for your body type and use a proper skinny guy workout. Not some training program used by massive bodybuilders who are possibly taking steroids.

Skinny Guy Workouts

There are a few guidelines to be aware when looking at skinny guy workouts. Firstly you now know that you are catabolic, meaning you burn muscle for energy easily. Therefore we want to minimise that effect. The best way to do this with your skinny guy workout, is to keep every session under one hour. If you train for over an hour, your body begins to produce a stress hormone and begins burning muscle for energy. This has to be avoided at all costs, so keep your workouts relatively short. Besides if need longer than an hour, you are not working hard enough.

Another issue to aware of with your workouts, is that you cannot handle as much volume on a muscle group. So doing to much volume can give diminishing returns for your efforts. Skinny people gain muscle with less volume and higher frequency. Therefore full body workouts attend to this need very effectively. This is mainly because you can hit a muscle several times a week. Full body workouts have proven time and again to help skinny people gain weight. These workouts should be done on non-consecutive days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Skinny Guy Workout Rules

It is essential that you work your entire body, especially the legs with big exercises. This is because when you work large amounts of muscle you body elevates your testosterone levels naturally. Which massively helps in gaining muscle for skinny people. The only muscles on the upper body that manipulates testosterone production is the lats on your back. So only doing your favourite upper body exercises will not help the skinny person gain muscle very well.

It is also important to use a large rep range, using lower rep ranges for strength and higher rep ranges for muscle growth, during your skinny guy workout. This is because lower rep ranges elevates testosterone levels even further. While higher rep ranges elevates growth hormone levels naturally. Elevating your natural hormone levels is key to building muscle for skinny guys.

How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys

Okay, as I have already explained skinny people have very fast metabolisms. Which gobble up all the food you eat, before your muscles even get a sniff of it. The obvious answer here is to eat more, right? Well in theory eating more will work, but it did not work well on my friend. Despite him eating more he still didn’t put weight on. I would advise you to start doing what my friend did:

Keep a food diary for a while and record everything you eat. Yes it is a pain, but if you are serious about gaining muscle for skinny people, this will help you out greatly, by helping you spot problem areas of your diet. The main problems I noticed with my friend’s food diary was days where he eat a piece of toast for breakfast, sausage roll for lunch and a big (in his eyes) dinner. This is nowhere near good enough for skinny guy gain muscle diet.

You should start aiming to eat 6 times a day as this will keep a constant feeding of food for your muscles to use. Aim for 3 good square meals, with a good size of snack in between. Something like a handful of nuts once or twice a day for a snack. Then finish of the day with a decent supper at night time. Do this and the scales will start to move in the right direction.

Another great tip for building muscle for skinny people, is to use milk. I read about this a while ago and use it myself. Start drinking 2 litres (half a gallon) of milk everyday. This is a very simple and effective way of getting more nutrients into your body. If eating 6 times a day is not possible, this milk tip could really help you out.

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