June 16, 2024


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Fleeting Tinnitus – Many Experience This, But What is It?

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My “T” is steady for most of the time. But then again “T” has a mind of its own and you never know when to expect it. I try to ignore the sounds that I hear, I have learned not to focus on them as much, and this helps me sleep better at night. But recently I have been having short blasts of sounds that are off the charts, usually at night. I think the definition for these spikes is called “fleeting tinnitus.”

Fleeting tinnitus is something, strangely enough everyone experiences in their life. It does often affect a person who has tinnitus more so, than a person who does not. It is defined as having short blast of sounds in the ear or ears, in which hearing is diminished for this time while a loud inrush of sound is heard. These sounds are often unknown as to why they happen, also being random in nature.

If the first paragraph is something that you have experienced, you are not singled out by this. Many people have experienced this at least once. When a person has one of these spikes, they often panic thinking that these high levels of sounds are not going to go away. These are usually short lived bursts, which will soon diminish within seconds. The best thing you can do when one of these occurs, is to be confident and calm and certain that it will soon go away.

As to why these spikes are occurring, it is unknown. It could be caused by many of things such as higher levels of stress, caffeine intake, a poor diet or a form of medication that your body does not agree with, which gives you a reaction of these spikes that are more randomly heard now. The solution is to find the cause of this by limiting the things that could be affecting you one by one.

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