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How to Build Forearms of Steel

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How to Build Forearms of Steel

Like other little boys, you were probably a huge fan of wrestling. In truth, girls love the drama of wrestling too, but boys can be such a huge fan of this sport. Do you remember watching matches with your father, uncle or grandfather? It doesn’t matter how old you get, wrestling is a great sport to watch. Yelling curses and obscenities while the match is going on is just probably one of the thrills. Not surprisingly, if you are a fan of wrestling and you’re into bodybuilding, you are probably wondering how to build forearms of steel.

While watching wrestlers slam heads and beat the daylights out of each other, it is hard not to notice these wrestlers’ massive forearms. Although skills play a huge part on winning in wrestling, it doesn’t hurt if you have the strength and big forearms to use against your opponents. Bruno Sammartino and Billy Graham both had massive forearms. They were big all over. Having big biceps means that you can have a strong grip. To have big biceps, you need to learn how to build forearms of steel. Both Sammartino and Graham had forearms the size of tree trunks.

The neck, calf muscles and forearms are the most neglected parts of the body. Many guys focus on building their biceps, but they often overlook building their forearms. This results in huge upper arms with little twigs for forearms. In truth, the forearms are quite visible, so it is ironic that there are a lot of guys who do not give importance to building their lower arms. In combative sports, especially wrestling, your forearms will help you grab and hold your opponent.

Often when you are doing deadlifts, shrugs, curls, rows and pull-ups, your forearms get secondary work. Exercises that are ideal for building forearms include barbell, sledge hammer levering, steel bar bending, horseshoe bending, hammer and finger curls. In order to build forearms, you need to work them twice a week using two methods:

1. High volume training involving 20-50 repetitions

2. Lower volume training involving 8-12 repetitions of heavy approach.

Although you may know how to build forearms of steel, you also need to consider your body type. There are people whose bodies respond quickly to exercises and they will see their forearms growing massive quickly. There are some people who will have a bit of a problem achieving fast development. Men of short stature will likely see their forearms getting bigger more quickly than men with tall stature.

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