June 16, 2024


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How to Pass the Hearing Aid Dispenser Written Test?

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In order to pass the Hearing Aid Dispenser test, you will need to study effectively, not just study for study’s sake. If you decide to start studying, no matter what, you must pass the exam, no other options available for you.

Any decent audiology book should be fine. There are not many books available specifically designed for the Hearing Aid Dispenser exam. You may find much valuable information on the internet, so I strongly recommend you study with many internet libraries.

We all assume you know how to study, so we will get to the point on how to pass the state exam. You many find any sample written Hearing Aid Dispenser exam in the internet, it will help you understand the nature of the exam and its composition.

The following are your references to understand the nature of the written exam:

1. The written exam is comprised of simple concepts distinguished in complicated sentences.
2. Most questions are composed of two or three sentences.
3. Most questions do not contain technical or specialized terminologies; rather those questions are descriptive or explanatory.

The most important element to pass the exam is using your own common sense. You should trust in yourself and choose the most reasonable answer. When you enter the exam room, you are past the point of no return, so you must study hard before the test. During the exam, you should do as following:

1. Please do not spend too much time on each question, a maximum of 60 seconds per question.
2. If you cannot solve a certain question in 60 seconds, you should just skip it and move on to the next question.
3. Always read the question 2 times before you start examining your answer choices.
4. You should finish all the questions you know as quickly as possible. These will be your firm scores, and go back to the questions you skipped.
5. As you solve the skipped questions, first choose the most logical answer. If you cannot find the most logical answer, eliminate the most obvious wrong answer and the deflector. Once you narrow down your answer choice to two possible choices, make your selection. You just have to bid it. You still have a 50% chance of choosing the right answer.

In addition, you must understand the mindset of the test creators. They want to confirm the standard level of knowledge and common sense associated with hearing aid dispensing practices.

All of the above-mentioned tips are very common to anyone, and you already know them. If you keep those tips in mind systematically and apply these factors on each question, you will have 100% chance to pass the exam

We all wish you pass the exam.

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