June 16, 2024


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Lester Levenson’s Advice on Depression and How to Stop It Before It Starts

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The World Health Organization reports that every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. 800,000 people take their lives. That’s more than wars and natural catastrophes. There is a lot of talk lately about depression and suicides of stars like Robin Williams. Why would a brilliant and successful guy like him take his own life? What would get someone to that point? What was his mind doing at that moment that told him that was the only way to get relief form the haunting pain?

Lester Levenson, the creator of the KISS Releasing System and my teacher/friend for 11 years, had the best solutions for this. He was not only a fully realized Master, but was also a physicist and millionaire. He healed himself of terminal heart disease in 1952 at 42 and lived until 83. “The mind is the enemy”, he told me. What did he mean? It is this. The mind is like a million year old computer hard drive full of a lot of useless and infected files. It can never help us because IT is the problem. We look for answers there, but it will only make things worse. The mind is only a junkyard of the past. It is a recording/replaying machine that will not really help us. It sees the future as limited by what is stored there as our experience. Before I found and used KISS Releasing, I used to have long bouts of depression. I saw everything as dark and negative with ho hope whatsoever. It is extremely painful, and the hopelessness can drive you to end your life. I am sure this is what Williams was experiencing. His life long abuse of drugs an and cocaine exacerbated the issues.

Lester had this advice. 1. Learn KISS Releasing and use it every day. It will keep you out of depression and show the mind is lying to you. The 6 steps of KISS will keep the Truth in front of you. When we start believing the mind, we spin down into a mental vortex of negativity that we will have a hard time climbing out of. 2. Stay in the now. Depression always focuses on the past and the future and gets us into hopelessness. Both are illusions of the mind and are NOT true. Ask yourself if this is true, or is it a mind f_ck. You cannot change the past, but you CAN change your reaction to it now. 3. Read books by Masters and high spiritual people. It will keep you lifted so you can’t be sad. 4. Help others. Be as selfless as you can. You cannot be depressed when doing this. It’s impossible. “Selflessness is the greatest selfishness”, he said. 5. Exercise. It breaks resistance in your body and will lift you.

He told me the people who kill themselves will return and have to face the same problems again. So it’s not a solution, just a temporary escape. 6. Lester said, “Love, love, love. You’ll be so happy, so healthy, and so prosperous.” When you are loving, it’s not possible to get depressed.

So there is a smart man’s answers for how to stay out of depression. I use it all the time, and it works

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