May 22, 2024


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MTEL Exam Secrets: Save Yourself From Test Anxiety!

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The MTEL exam is the MAKE-OR-BREAK point that ultimately determines your career. To some, they may seem it as an ordinary challenge. But to MANY, it is a critical phase that needs hard work and perseverance.

How do I pass the MTEL Exam? – This is one question that spurs a lot of anxious vibes.

Minimal anxiety can be helpful. But you can transition from mere anxiety to a full-blown panic attack. In which case, you can literally kiss your MTEL exam goodbye!

Those who suffer from MTEL exam panic attacks can be crippled mentally. While to others, their minds go BLACK and BLANK. Then again, regardless of how they experience these panic attacks, there’s NO way you can pass the MTEL exam in a panic state!

The ONLY way you can succeed at the educator licensure exam is if you will be able to MANAGE and OVERCOME your exam anxiety. This way you will be able to answer the exam with a clear and open mind.
I know, this is easier said than done. But you CAN battle test anxiety. You HAVE the means of overcoming your MTEL exam fears.

Just follow these MTEL exam anxiety tips and you’ll be on your way to SUCCESS!

Top 5 MTEL Test Anxiety BUSTERS!

REMEMBER these tips when answering your MTEL prep courses and during your actual exam. They’ll help you relax. Hence, improve your chances of passing or maybe even performing superbly on your MTEL exam.

  • ONE: Don’t cram! Space your exam review over several weeks. Cramming will not help you in remembering. It would probably make you even more anxious.

    TWO: Practice and attend MTEL test preparation courses. Like the good ‘ol saying goes, practice makes perfect.

    Exam practice questions can make the exam seem more familiar.

    Familiarizing not only improves the chances of getting the right answer but it also reduces test anxiety, significantly.

    THREE: Get a good night sleep before the exam. Experts on psychology encourage getting a good night sleep before the day of the test. It helps clear your mind. It makes you feel more relaxed. And it reduces the chances of having test anxiety.

    FOUR: Read MTEL exam directions completely. Many Massachusetts licensure applicants, especially when anxious, don’t read directions. They jump into answer questions right away. Reading exam directions is important because it guides you on how to spot correct answers.

    FIVE: If you don’t know the question, MOVE ON. Some panic when they see unfamiliar questions. Panicking will NOT HELP YOU.

  • And if you don’t know one question, you still have several hundred other questions that you can get correct. So move on and don’t dwell on that ONE question that you don’t know. Instead, focus on the ones that you actually know.

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