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Natural Detox is More Effective Than Buying an Over the Counter Remedy

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Natural Detox is More Effective Than Buying an Over the Counter Remedy

Natural detox is not only more effective than buying an over the counter remedy, it is also a much cheaper option, and in this day of saving as much money as we can, it is the ideal solution to keeping your body healthy. The question then to ask is what constitutes a natural detox?

There are many organs in our body that has the role of detoxification, but one of the largest organs that has multiple functions in cleansing the body of poisons, and that also plays a major role in overall health, because of its many varied functions,  is our liver.

Looking after the liver is very important, as it is this part of the body that deals with the greatest amount of detoxification. One of its most important functions in this respect, is the ability to break down toxins that are often in fat cells, and change them into a water soluble form so that the body can get rid of them easily as a component of urea or in stools.

Every day we are prone to subjecting our livers to a whole array of toxins.  These range from eating food that has fertilizer still on them; to walking down a street full of cars; so taking time out to specifically look after the liver provides us with many benefits of good health.

Steps to reduce our exposure to toxins and provide the body with a natural detox

Although some things are beyond our control, like the amount of air pollutants that surround us from factories etc. there are a still a few steps that we can take to help ourselves and these include the following:

Eat organic food whenever you can

Grow your own food if at all possible

Use skin care products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals

Use old fashioned natural cleaning products for more of your household cleaning

Drink pure clean water at the start of everyday with the addition of organic lemon

I have now personally changed my regime to do all the above, and it’s great! I love growing my own food and eating the rich variety of things that you can’t get in the shops. The skincare that I now use does not contain even one harmful artificial chemical. Using natural cleaning products such a white vinegar, lemon juice, borax and soda crystals prevents all the harsh chemical aromas that are highly toxic, from permeating the atmosphere; and drinking pure clean water makes a whole world of difference to every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

I have filtered my water for many years because I want my family to be protected from the dangerous contaminants that are found in water. 

The latest scare is regarding perchlorate, a component that is used in rocket fuel and that has diverse effects upon the growing brain of babies and young children. Other issues, include hormone altering drugs.  Experiments that have been done on tap water have identified over 2100 contaminants including elements of wood pulp that can be traced back to toilet paper and tampons.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want those types of contaminants in the water I drink or cook with. To overcome that problem I use a multi filtering and purification system that is able to filter out all harmful contaminants, while at the same time, leaves in the essential minerals to provide safe and clean drinking water.

This level of water safety can really make a difference to your health and so if you want to have an effective natural detox begin with pure clean uncontaminated water.

For more information on safe water visit my website www.clean-safe-filtered-water.com today.

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