June 16, 2024


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Natural Muscle Building – Build Muscles Without Supplements Naturally

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One of the biggest myths of muscle building and body building is that “You can’t build muscles if you do not take supplements and steroids”. This is one of the most ridiculous lies of body building. It is very much possible to build massive muscles naturally without using any supplements. You can carry out the phenomenon of natural muscle building by following the right combination of diets and exercises.

Some people think that taking supplements can be a short cut for building muscles. While it does have some effects, it would all amount to nothing if you do not have the right diet at the right time giving your body the nutrition it needs.

Our body goes through various cycles everyday. The exercise workouts and the diets we have greatly influence these cycles. By taking the right food at the right time, one can stay on course to letting the body work over time repairing and building the muscles.

Natural Muscle Building Diet:

A natural muscle building diet should be a good combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. About 50% of your calorific intake should be from carbs. It is common for people who want to build muscles to obsess with protein diets in excess. While it is obvious that protein is essential for muscle building, it is important to understand that carbohydrates provide the energy required to carry out the day to day activities as well as trigger the insulin response of the body, which is necessary to drive the glucose as muscle glycogen which gets stored in the muscles.

Although, workout is important, all the muscles get built only during the recovery phase which happens while you are sleeping. Ensure that you get sufficient rest after the day.

If most of the carbohydrates are got from the fruits and vegetables, then you will be on a fast track to gain lean mass. Fats like olive oil, fish oil etc. should also be taken. Avoid trans fats and hydrogenated fats at all cost.

To build muscles the natural way without supplements you need to follow the right blueprint that comprises of the right workouts, right diet at the right times. If you make a mistake with this, you will end up acquiring fats instead of muscles.

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