June 16, 2024


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Soccer Shin Socks Are a Great Alternative to Traditional Youth Shin Guards

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Soccer shin guards are critical to child soccer players and generally are required by most youth soccer leagues. While there aren’t a lot of pads and protection worn in soccer, the pad worn in soccer are fairly universal and rightly so. The shin portion of the leg is susceptible to kicking and banging in soccer, and thus injury, making this equipment crucial.

If you are shopping for new youth shin guards for kids, there is a special type you should consider. Soccer shin socks, a different type of soccer pad, can make owning and using them easier, especially for kids. These special socks integrate the 2 pieces, and thus eliminate management of the guards and the socks separately.

Normally, to wear these, you buy them and then buy kids soccer socks to go with them. These socks are long and are designed to stretch over the guards to keep them in place while playing. Once you are finished with your soccer activities, you remove the socks and the guards and can wash the socks, or both pieces of equipment.

With shin guard socks, the padding is sewn into the layers of the sock. This means kids can easily but on their shin pads simply by sliding theme onto their legs as if they are putting on their regular socks. Because fitting your normal soccer socks over you shin pads in the right and comfortable position can be tricky, often parents have to help young kids with this task. This new product often eliminate this need and enable youth to put on them by themselves.

As mentioned, the upkeep and management of soccer shin pads is generally easier than separate equipment as well. Many Moms and Dads have scrambled on Saturday mornings to find their young one’s soccer socks and guards before a morning game. With this product, there’s less pieces to own, keep up with, and find on Saturday morning before a game.

You can generally wash this product easily as well. Manufacturers such as Adidas and Nike have made this equipment such that the padding used for the shin pad inside the sock is resistant to washing machine and drying processes. This makes things easier on Mom and Dad as well.

As your children get older, you will find a smaller selection of integrated shin pads and socks, which is probably the only downside to this type of soccer shin guard. You’ve got more options for products styles and designs with the non-integrated versions. Also, if your child plays on a team with a uniform that includes socks, you’ll have to find these products that match the uniforms.

If you are shopping for your youth shin pads, you should consider soccer shin socks as a smart alternative.

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