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Super Anti-Aging Foods

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Super Anti-Aging Foods

Most of us would love to look as we did in our teens with that youthful glow, beautiful hair, smooth skin and not to mention the incredible amount of energy we possessed. Many of us spend a fortune on expensive creams, lotions and spa treatments to maintain our youth.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with foods that can prevent premature aging and keep us looking younger for longer! We do not need to spend a fortune and all we got to do is pay a visit to our local grocery store (also know as the local beauty store!) and eat ourselves younger.

Here is a list of some super anti-aging foods that we can get from our local beauty (grocery) store:

Dark Chocolate: Rich with flavonol anti-oxidants, not only is dark chocolate shown to boost immune system and act as an anti-cancer food, it also keeps us looking younger!It encourages endorphin production, giving a feeling of pleasure that helps promote a healthy, cheerful and positive outlook. It is found to contain 8 times more antioxidants than Strawberries and is also shown to reduce hypertension.

Choose a variety with at least 65% cocoa. Dark chocolate with nuts, fruits and fruit peel is also a great choice but skip anything that comes with nougat or cream filling as it is only added sugar that would add to the aging process.

Tomatoes: These are rich in lycopene which helps the body by preventing many types of disorders, prevention from UV and sunburn. Vitamin C helps keep our skin looking fresh and maintains the collagen while Beta-carotene helps keep eye problems at bay. Interestingly, raw tomatoes have a very high concentration of Vitamin C while cooked tomatoes have a higher level of lycopene. Therefore, it will be beneficial to eat this fruit both raw and cooked.

Strawberries: This delicious fruit is loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals and vitamin C. These nutrients protects our system from free radicals that can form tumors and various types of cancers. Polyphenolic compounds present in strawberries have shown to improve brain power and help prevent cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and even lower blood cholesterol which are definite signs of aging.

Needless to say eating more berries gives your skin a fresh glow and youthful look which is what most women would love. So go ahead and treat yourself to some strawberries and if you dare, dip them in melted dark chocolate for that extra benefit!

Whole-grains: There is nothing better that you can do for your skin and overall health than to eat wholegrain products. Brown bread, brown rice, oats, barley and rye contain tons of antioxidants along with vitamin B, iron and magnesium that are essential to younger looking skin and a disease-free life. Not only will this make your skin beautiful, it will also help you keep your weight in check while the fiber present in them will protect you from certain types of cancers and health troubles that are related to old age.

Water: Believe it or not, water is of utmost importance when it comes to anti-aging and health! We don’t recommend drinking water till you feel drowned but certainly try making water your first and only beverage throughout the day! Whenever you feel like a drink, drink water.

Stay away from sodas. Keep in mind that sodas, as well packed fruit juices (even those that claim to be 100% pure do have certain amount of preservatives added in some form or another) are packed with sugar and sugar equals aging, not to forget massive amounts of calories!

Stay healthy, eat sensibly, exercise moderately and you are bound to look fabulous and young for many years to come!

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