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The Didgeridoo – A Proven Apnea Alternative Treatment From Australia

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The Didgeridoo – A Proven Apnea Alternative Treatment From Australia

A didgeridoo is an ancient instrument believed to have originated from native Australia. Other historians credit its source to the Amazon basin or the Pacific islands. A didgeridoo is basically a hollow natural wooden pipe or tube made from either natural or artificial materials, having their interiors hollowed out naturally or artificially.

This apnea alternative treatment device is traditionally made from eucalyptus or bamboo hardwoods. In most cases, the good ones have their interiors hollowed out by termites just to the right size. Playing a didgeridoo involves blowing air into the didgeridoo while vibrating your lips which then produces sound vibrations.

Playing a didgeridoo has for long been regarded as a sleep apnea alternative treatment. However, most people still wonder how playing a didgeridoo can treat apnea. At first glint, it’s quite difficult to find any connection between the indigenous didgeridoo and apnea treatment. However, medical research has since proved that playing a didgeridoo can help reduce the condition of sleep apnea disorders.

It’s believed that playing a didgeridoo works as a sleep apnea alternative treatment by affecting the way we breathe. Remember that apnea is usually caused by breakdown of the upper respirator airways which brings about snoring. Playing a didgeridoo seems to add more strength to the upper respiratory airways, thus allowing better airflow during sleep.

When playing a didgeridoo, you inhale through the nose while storing air in your cheeks. This is called “circular breathing” which trains muscles of the upper airway tissue and in effect reduces snoring and sleep apnea.

There are many health benefits of playing a didgeridoo. Besides being fun, it is also a very good apnea alternative treatment. It drastically reduces snoring and sleep apnea problems. A recent study has also shown that playing a didgeridoo can reduce a person’s anxiety. When preparing to meditate, it calms you down. It also works well in relieving stress. To a lesser extent, some people argue that playing a didgeridoo can improve dental health as well as treat asthma.

Just like other sleep apnea alternative treatments, playing a didgeridoo has its own risks and drawbacks. According to Australian research, girls who constantly play the didgeridoo are prone to infertility. Also, in the case of severe sleep apnea, it may not be very effective. However, a didgeridoo is still a wise choice if you are considering an apnea alternative treatment.

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