May 18, 2024


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The Huge Increase in Population and Why It Is Happening

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While there is a way to stop pregnancies the facts are that many deliberately produce large numbers of children because they are guided by a different code. Whereas some see multiple births as unnecessary and an abomination others enjoy huge families while still others believe it is the will of God. In fact, the latter are correct. God is providing everyone who has lived before with a body and new life as promised in the Old Testament prophecies (Job 5:19-22 and Isaiah 26:19).

My reincarnation has alerted me to these facts and my strong link to the Spirit has provided the answers as to why. The overall plan of God is to produce a strong spiritual harvest at the end of the day, a time we are now in. In a vision I was shown that time as 4,000 years long and it is called the ‘day of the lord’ in the bible.

At the start of it a group of people were seeded with Spirit and with a life force that is not ‘normal’ for others. It is the voice within, their 6th sense, and their conscience, all of which have been given a different name and separated as if they are strangers to each other. This is because religions fear it.

The religious organisations depend on heaven and hell as destinies for what they call the ‘soul’. They present a regime of laws and conditions to preserve it and make it worthy of ascending to heaven after death. They enforce notions of magical words and rituals to ‘save’ souls that might have strayed from the ‘faith’.

‘Faith’ is belief in the ridiculous without evidence. There is no evidence for either heaven or hell and yet they are the building blocks of the World Order. They are also the force behind terrorism.

Now everyone who has lived is back and they are judged according to their deeds over the course of the day of the lord. Those who were murderers of God’s people are now being killed. Those who abused and terrorised others are having the same done to them. Those who slaughtered children before their parents’ eyes are now experiencing the same.

Over the course of that time and through many wars and disruptions, including migration, the people have been reincarnated in many groups, colours, and sex. As a man in my last life and female in this one it is easy to understand why so many now feel they are in the wrong bodies. Millions have memory or some recall of reincarnation and are now speaking out about it.

It is why we have such a huge spike in population because now we are all back and ready for the final act, which will see the world as we know it change forever. The scene for that event is already taking shape.

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