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The Importance of Birth Control

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The Importance of Birth Control

In our society today, one of the most common problems especially experienced by our teens today is the premarital sex which results to unwanted pregnancies. Pregnancies that one did not want to happen but it just happened because of the aggressiveness and irresponsibility of the person. Why involve in sex if you do not want to take the responsibilities of your actions especially when the future will be put to risk?

The knowledge about birth control is very important in this situation. Some says that withdrawal is one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy. For me, as experienced by some of my friends, it just lessen the probability of getting pregnant but It does not mean that one is spared and safe from pregnancy. Even if a person tries it only for the first time, she can still get pregnant. Maybe, and surely the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to be educated about birth control. Not having sex is the best way to prevent pregnancy. This is what religious people believe in. One should be or must be virgin until the day of their marriage. But in our time today, with the attitudes of our teens, sexual intercourse has been a part of their daily routines especially to those who are in an intimate relationship. Another birth control method is the use of contraceptives. Contraceptives like condoms, birth control pills, and other methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is for those people that they considered sex as a need, not just a want.

I engaged in premarital sex at the age of 19. Sex is great, I admit, but thinking of the bigger responsibilities afterwards, it made me change my personal views about sex. It taught me to understand that sexual intercourse should be taken with, seriously and with proper understanding of its consequences and effects in the future. It should be well planned so that one will not be forced to do the most unrighteous thing that some unwanted pregnancy victims did, the abortion of the innocent child. Right decision should be made here so that regrets can be avoided. This is very risky for women. Physical health should be considered here because she might die of the process.

This is just some of the preventive methods of birth control. It is either one will follow them for the better of have regrets in the future. Using contraceptives is good but not having sex until one is ready is much better. Let us all be responsible.

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