May 22, 2024


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Tinnitus Home Remedy: Stop the Dreadful Ringing in Your Ears

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Tinnitus is a condition in which a person gets to hear persistent ringing sound in one or both ears even though there is no external sound source. It is not a disease in itself but a symptom that may be the result of an ear disease or a circulatory system disorder. There is nothing called universal cure for this nasty medical condition. But lots of remedies for tinnitus are available right now. But due to various remedies available right now, many tinnitus patients get confused which one is better for them. So the purpose of this article is to help the people in choosing the right tinnitus home remedy. Some of the ringing ears remedies are discussed below:

1. Homeopathy provides various remedies for treating the cause of tinnitus. It is a natural treatment, and can help not only in alleviating the symptoms but build up the person’s immune system so they will be no return. Homeopathic medicines commonly used in cases of tinnitus are Calcarea Carbonica, Carbo vegetabilis, Cimicifuga and Natrum salicycum.

2. Herbal therapies or treatments also help in getting rid of your ringing ears. Herbs which stimulate circulation with a nutritional diet help in correcting the root cause. Black cohosh, Ginko Biloba, Sesame, Spinach, Goldenseal, Sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and even onion juice are useful in managing tinnitus. These natural herbs are inexpensive and promptly available.

3. Vitamins and minerals supplementation is also an effective treatment for tinnitus. Increased intake of vitamins A, B & E, magnesium, zinc, potassium, bioflavonoids and manganese are of great help. Also include items like fruits, vegetables, garlic, kelp and sea vegetables in your daily diet. These items have been found useful to cure tinnitus.

4. Another tinnitus home remedy that can actually clear tinnitus symptoms, mainly ringing in the ears is to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol, eating sweets because all these result in low blood sugar which can lead to tinnitus.

5. Finally another powerful tinnitus home remedy is practicing yoga. Yoga helps in raising the levels of GABA which decreases ringing in the ears. The deficiency in GABA aggravates tinnitus and by extension causes stress, depression, emotional difficulty, fear and anxiety.

6. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful in taking a positive step towards stopping ringing in your ears. You can drink fresh fruit juices for better results. Also getting sound sleep is a useful tinnitus home remedy as it helps in calming the nerves down.

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