July 12, 2024


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Welcome Your Anxiety

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Welcome Your Anxiety

Why would anyone suggest “welcoming” anxiety symptoms? Anxiety symptoms are signposts which lead you to the true cause of your difficulty. They are pointing to the true reason for your difficulty. Listen to these symptoms and use them to figure out what is really going on in your life. They are a red flag, a signal for change. Something is not working and needs to be changed.

Anxiety symptoms do create discomfort, BUT once you learn how to experience them through, you will appreciate the real MEANING of these symptoms.

They are guideposts telling you there is something you are overlooking in your life…something you need to be doing for yourself.


– Are you overworked or overstressed, not taking time to recharging your mind and body?
– Are you having relationship issues that you are sweeping under the carpet…and now tripping over.
– Are you sleeping less and worrying more?
– Are you allowing yourself to be victimized by others, without standing up for yourself?
– Are you eating terribly…more junk food, skipping meals, rushing through meals, too much caffeine?
– Are you smoking, taking drugs, or abusing your mind/body in any way?
– Are you sedentary or exercising on a daily basis?
– Are you dieting too strenuously or generally pushing yourself too hard? Moderation is key.

Heed your anxiety symptoms as a you would a red light. STOP and contemplate what they indicate. Take all measures necessary to naturally heal an overwrought mind and body. The result will be peace of mind, higher serotonin levels, and a life which is much easier to navigate.

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