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Wind and Solar Energy – The Reasons To Switch To These Alternative Energies

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Wind and Solar Energy – The Reasons To Switch To These Alternative Energies

Wind and solar energy are great renewable energy resources that do not have detrimental effects upon the environment. Due to the adverse effects on the environment by our current methods of obtaining fossils fuels and disposing of their waste byproducts, wind and solar energy are excellent forms of alternative energy.

The sunlight available to the globe is more abundant than the energy that can be consumed by all the people living on the planet. The locations that receive high concentrations of sunlight (meaning less cloud coverage and mountain range light blockage) would be a great place to start. There should be solar energy education for the people in these areas, such as desert regions and seemingly barren but developing countries, so they can make the most efficient use of the sun’s rays.

Wind renewable energy also has prime locations where it can be utilized. As T. Boone Pickens was informing us a couple years ago, there is a large wind tunnel stretching from Texas to the Canadian border where wind can be used as a significant energy resource. This quantity and quality of the wind speeds led him to call the United States the Saudi Arabia of wind.

In any case, if your property is applicable, wind and solar energy can be used for various home needs such as heating water, and certainly for generating electricity. This is true wherever the home is located.

The most attractive option for many people is solar energy. Although this is a more expensive start-up energy option than other sources, people are coming to grips with the evidence that using alternative energy is largely advantageous to the user and the environment.

For people considering wind and solar energy, subsidies and tax breaks are available in some states to offset the initial costs. The local utility company can also assist those interested. If new energy generating installations provide more than a home can use, the excess could be sold to the utility provider as a credit.

The beauty of solar energy installations is the immediate impact it has on the monthly electricity bill, and how much lower it will be. If enough equipment is installed to utilize the sunlight, you may never have to pay an electric bill again.

Another benefit of wind and solar energy installations is the impact it has upon the value of the home, should one decide to sell it. If you have interests in what your home would attain on the free market with renewable energy installations, call your local realtor. They should have good familiarity with the neighborhood going prices and the value of the improvement, and this should help them to provide you an estimate.

People are willing to pay more for houses that have installed wind and solar energy generators. This causes a significant increase in the value of the home. The National Association for Real Estate Appraisers has said that every dollar saved when using renewable energy increases the value of the home twenty fold.

To optimize the efficiency of green renewable energy sources used in the home, the home should be audited for its power demand and what can be done to reduce it. Are the demands for interior climate, lighting, and heated water efficiently under control? Is there the proper sealing and insulating foam in place around all closed windows and doors? Are the walls, attic, and basement insulated properly?

Knowing the power consumed isn’t necessary if steps aren’t taken to ensure that the power usage can be reduced. Power demand can be reduced by choosing the better rated Energy Star appliances. Improvements in all these areas will provide a lower energy demand, and this value will be more easily met with the wind and solar energy generators.

Increasing the energy efficiency of the home will lead to a home that greatly consumes less power. The immeasurable rewards of a greener world and larger bank account come from these energy efficiency improvements, compounded with the installations of wind and solar energy technologies.

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