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A Cheap Alternative Scarsdale Diet – Budget Diet Plans

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A Cheap Alternative Scarsdale Diet – Budget Diet Plans

Listed below are recipes that can be used as an alternative to the Scarsdale diet. It uses inexpensive supermarket foods that can be light on the budget.

BREAKFAST EVERY DAY: Eat half a grapefruit, cantaloupe, or any fruit in season – whichever is less expensive – and a slice of protein bread that has no added spread.

MONDAY: For lunch, prepare a chef’s salad, a chicken bouillon, and a slice of toasted protein bread. For dinner broil or bake fresh or frozen fish. Eat with salad.

TUESDAY: For lunch, prepare fruit salad using any mixture of fruits. For dinner, have plenty of broiled hamburger, sprouts or broccoli, cabbage, and a salad of cucumbers, radishes, celery, and lettuce

WEDNESDAY: Take tuna fish or salmon salad with vinegar and lemon dressing on lettuce and a melon or grapefruit. For your dinner, you have a choice between lamb stew or braised lamb shanks. Enjoy this with sauerkraut and a salad of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and celery

THURSDAY: Eat two eggs that can be cooked in any style of your choice, low-fat cottage cheese or pot cheese, zucchini, and a slice of toasted protein bread. For dinner, you can eat chicken that may be roasted, boiled, and barbecued.

FRIDAY: Have a spinach pie and an applesauce that has no sugar additives for lunch. For dinner you can prepare fish that you can broil, bake, and sauté or poach, with a combination salad and a slice of toasted protein bread

SATURDAY: Prepare a fruit salad on lettuce for lunch. For dinner roasted, broiled, or boiled chicken, a salad of lettuce and tomatoes, and a watermelon or cantaloupe can be the best alternative to those prescribed by the Scarsdale diet

SUNDAY: Choose between cold or hot turkey, broiled chicken Hawaiian or marinated turkey parts to be eaten with cooked cabbage, tomato, or carrots. Dinner would compose of a choice among broiled grilled round steak, boneless ham, liver and onions, lean pot roast or tenderized pimento steak, cooked tomatoes and Brussels sprouts

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