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Bad Eating Habit – Stop Bad Eating Habits and Binge Eating By Self Hypnosis

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Do you find it impossible to stop eating junk food? Even when you know what the bad eating habit does to your abs. Or do you go on an eating binge at the hint of any stress in your mind.

You see it is all in the mind. You know that, don’t you? The only question is how do you train your mind so that you can avoid unhealthy habits whenever they threaten your life.

The method is in making suggestions to your mind so that it accepts it and next time your mind itself helps combat your binge eating disorder. But can a simple suggestion to your mind help cure your bad eating habit so easily? The answer is yes and no. No, because you must know the exact system of making hypnotic suggestions. And yes, you can cure your binge eating by self hypnosis. It IS doable. We will tell you how.

Hypnosis works by making suggestions to your inner mind, not the outer, waking mind. This is a vital difference. The outer mind is busy reckoning the outside world and making decisions every waking moment. The inner mind however governs your self confidence, your strengths, and weaknesses, your hidden abilities and faults. The inner mind or the subconscious mind, so to say, is you, the real you and the outer mind is your decision making organ. So, it is only by changing your inner mind that you can change yourself, your bad eating habits, your binge eating disorders and the like. In fact you can cure yourself of almost any bad habit e.g. smoking, procrastination, anger etc.

Now we get to the process as to how self hypnosis works and how you could hypnotize yourself to cure your bad eating habits and help your binge eating disorder.

You start by lying in a quiet place and slowly commanding your body to relax. From your toe, then your legs and body etc. step by step, you ask to relax and see that slowly your entire body goes limp and in a state of pleasant relaxation. Your mind too becomes relaxed and in a sleepy state. Your outer mind sort of ‘sleeps’ and your inner mind is focused. It is then that you make the suggestions to your inner mind. And it obeys. And you succeed in curing yourself of any eating disorder.

But the suggestions you make must be in the correct format for the best results and there are many methods by which you can make the suggestions to your mind. We will list a very important one here:ANCHORING


Most often, a bad habit is triggered by a sensation of stress. You may hear the news of your mother-in-law coming to visit you and that could trigger a stressful feeling inside of you and as a result you, unconsciously, fall into an eating binge.

The answer is: as soon you get the stressful trigger, you must have a way to substitute it with a pleasant feeling.

So what you do is imagine a beautiful scene, e.g., a sea beach or any other place you have visited and would like to go again and again. Then imagine yourself actually being there, feel the sand under your feet, the wetness of the surf washing your feet, the sun in your face, the wind ruffling your hair, the smell of the sea, the vision of the swelling sea waves crested with the white surf etc.

And then, this is the important part, fixing that image and feeling with let’s say a touch of your fingers on your forehead. So, later, whenever you touch your forehead with your fingers, the pleasant vision of the swelling sea wafts over you. This way, you get over your stress in the present moment and replace that with this pleasant vision.

This stops your stress, replaces it with a wonderful imagery, and stops the triggering to an eating disorder. This way you can stop a bad eating habit or help any binge eating disorder that you suffer from.

For many more methods like ANCHORING to transform your life, see this site:


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