June 16, 2024


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Build Muscle With Raw Eggs!

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Raw eggs are very taboo, but unjustly so. Almost anyone can benefit from consuming raw eggs, but no one stands to gain any more from eating them than those looking to gain more muscle. Raw eggs help to build the most anabolic environment possible inside the body.

Eggs contain the most complete protein available in the world, and are ideal for bodybuilding because of it. Eggs are not the evil food many make them out to be, and lots of top physique athletes consume a dozen or more eggs a day! Eggs are entirely safe to consume in such large numbers, and provide a number of health benefits when eaten this way, as is easily found in a number of health journals. Vince Gironda, the original Iron Guru, recommended sometimes eating up to 36 eggs a day!

Why would someone consume eggs raw rather than cooked? For a number of reasons; health and convenience rank among the top. Raw eggs are healthier than cooked eggs because nutrients and enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process, as they are with any fatty food. This destruction of enzymes does not take place when simply eating eggs raw, so you get all the health benefits of the egg. Secondly, when you are eating lots of eggs every day — which you should if you are looking to build lots of lean muscle — then you will find it cumbersome and difficult to have them all cooked. Having them raw, mixed into shakes, is a delicious and easy way to fit in your nutrition. An example of a shake containing raw eggs is Vince Gironda’s Hormone Precursor Shake.

But isn’t there a risk of salmonella poisoning? Yes, there is a risk — an absolutely minuscule risk! The U.S. Department of Agriculture found that only 1 in 30,000 eggs is contaminated with salmonella — about 0.003% of all eggs! The risk of salmonella poisoning rises drastically among commercially-produced hens, so if you stick to quality, farm-fresh eggs, you are far less likely to have any worries of salmonella poisoning.

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