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Cures for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Cures for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you are looking at cures for anxiety and panic attacks then probably the best place to start is your lifestyle. The fact of the matter is that modern living is in itself stressful, if you are a person who is prone to fits of anxiety and even panic attacks then you may need to slow down the general pace of your life.

Attacks of panic and anxiety are becoming more common in Western society because we live at a very fast pace. Most professionals, for example, find that so much of their life is swallowed up in work that when they get home at night preparing a nutritious meal is the last thing on their mind. Yet diet plays a huge part in either contributing to, or alleviating the stress and anxiety that we feel.

Many people who work long hours, as well as commute to and from work, end up on a diet of tv dinners – you just peel of the packaging, put it into the microwave, and ten minutes later your meal is ready. Unfortunately some of the processes which guarantee the shelf life of these products also have the effect of destroying most of the vitamin and minerals that were in the food. As it is highly unlikely that the vast majority of people will be able to unable to change their work habits overnight then they have to look at other cures for anxiety and panic attacks.

If you live on a fast food or ready meal diet then you should take vitamin and mineral supplements to provide those things that your body needs if it is to function as it should. Extra vitamin C is especially useful for calming anxiety and bringing an end to your panic attacks as it has a naturally calming effect when taken in large enough doses. The vitamin B complex is also helpful as it is this family of vitamins that helps to ensure the proper functioning of our brain cells and nervous systems. However, you should speak to your health practitioner before embarking on a course of B vitamins as it is possible to take too much of this complex. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to advise you on a sensible course of vitamin B, so speak to them first.

When we live a hectic lifestyle it is difficult to find extra time to look after ourselves, however, there are some things that we can do that should fit easily into most people’s schedules. It is a known fact, for example, that the way we breathe can either add to or diminish any stress that we might be feeling. Try to incorporate some slow breathing exercises into your normal daily routine and you will soon feel the benefits. Breathing exercises are especially helpful when you are searching for cures for anxiety and panic attacks. Training yourself to take deep, measured breaths that you exhale slowly means that your brain is receiving more oxygen, and this in itself, has a calming effect.

If you take the right amount of vitamin supplements and incorporate these breathing techniques into your life then you will soon realize that you have found a cures for anxiety and panic attacks.

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