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Holistic Asthma Treatment

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Holistic Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes an obstruction in the air passages. During an attack of asthma the airways in the lungs suffer spasms that constrict the outward flow of air. Asthma is a complex condition which is best managed using a comprehensive approach which includes dietary modifications, the appropriate use of herbal and nutritional supplements, and the treatment of any underlying conditions which may be exacerbating the condition.

Allergens can trigger symptoms, so removing carpets and replacing them with throw rugs that can be washed regularly will help reduce dust mites, bacteria and germs. Buying mite-resistant covering is very important for anyone with asthma. Another way to reduce dust mites in the home is through spritzing rooms and bedding with a mite-killing mixture of essential oils. A blend of melaleuca, myrtle, citronella and lemon grass, about 10 drops each added to about half a regular-size spray bottle of water for the spray will work well. Purchasing quality cases will help to protect from the effects of dust mite related problems.

Barrier proof bedding and pillowcases prevent the transfers of allergens from dust mites and their waste. Also, switching to non-toxic cleansing products and using Natural Skin Cleansing Products with No Chemicals can help considerably over time. Incorporating whole foods into the diet helps to eliminate many foods known to stress the body.

Eating more fruits and vegetables along with protein and whole grains and nuts and avoiding cheese and cold foods like ice cream can help a lot. MSG and Aspartame can be detrimental and is best to avoid foods that contain them. Digestive Enzymes as a general health supplement can help balance food allergies when given in the right proportion for the food eaten. Regular exercises in moderation are really helpful in cases where exercise is not a trigger.

Herbal formulation for ASTHMA

It is also vitally important to find ways to decrease anxiety and stress because they tend to bring on attacks. Holistic cures for asthma, such as herbal remedies and homeopathic asthma treatment solutions can be extremely effective at relieving asthma and many other known respiratory conditions. Herbal and homeopathic remedies work by eliminating the underlying cause of the condition besides improving the immunity of the patients. They eliminate the need for inhalers and synthetic drugs that have known side effects. However patients should not discontinue their medication or start herbal or homeopathic treatment before consulting their physician.

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