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How Palm Readings Can Determine How Many Children You Will Have

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Palmistry or palm readings can determine how many children you will have. In fact, a person’s palm can be read to tell everything about them. It is considered to be a reliable method of discovering many things about a person, including their strengths and weaknesses, things that have happened already in the person’s life and those things that have not yet happened. Although a person’s fingertips never change, palm lines do change. This makes them ideal to use for making predictions about the future.

Palmistry is a science, and the way to read the lines must be studied. There are free palm readings available online for anyone who wants to try to read their palm. Simply print out the maps of a generic palm and follow the instructions. You can then mark your own particular marks on the map and use the information given to interpret what the lines mean.

The interesting thing about palm reading is that each person’s palm is unique and somewhat different. There are more marks on the hands than could be there from simply moving them about during daily activities. The marks are considered to be there as signs that we are able to interpret about our lives. Hand analysis is the reading of not only the palms, but of the entire hand. It includes the shape of the fingers, palm, and fingertips. All of these have specific meanings according to this science.

Palm readers are not psychics, although this method of seeing the future is often used as a tool to predict a person’s future. It is especially popular in Eastern countries where it is a highly regarded way of seeing how long a person will live and other facts about their fate. In Chinese palm reading, a master reader would be able to tell many basic facts about a person’s life.

Both hands are used in palm readings, but in Chinese palm reading which hand to use depends on your age and gender. Males who are under 30 years of age use their left hand as the primary hand to interpret. The right hand is used as a supplemental source if needed. However, after age 30, men use their right hand. Females aged 30 or under use their right hand for a reading, but after this age, women’s left hand is the primary hand to use for the reading.

To find out how many children you will have, you need to first look at the marriage or relationship lines on your hand. Relationship lines can be seen above the heartline that goes across the upper part of the palm. This line swoops down and often ends under the little finger. The lines above the heartline represent marriages that you will have. The children born from each marriage are small vertical lines that are above each marriage line.

Many years ago, palm readers said that strong deep lines meant that the child born would be a boy. Weaker lines that are not as deep indicated a girl. Today, palm readers say that there are many people with these lines who have never had children. They interpret these lines as being other children who are important to a person in their life. They could be step-children, nieces or nephews, or others. Other palm readers say that the lines could even be pets that are very important to a person.

Marriage lines can also mean relationship lines, referring to relationships that are important in one’s life. Some palm readers warn that marriage and children lines are the least reliable of the information that can be found on a person’s palm. They say that the other lines are more accurate when interpreting them. Palm reading is easy to do and it’s fun to interpret your own palm. You can also use this information to compare with psychic readings and see if the two sources provide the same information.

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