June 16, 2024


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HPV Kissing – The Consequences of a Mere Kiss

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Human papillomavirus is a known illness that is generally present in the genital area of a person that can ultimately lead to genital warts. This mostly affects women who are sexually active and are very much infectious during contacts to a person who has physical manifestations of this disease.

Since this ailment moves via skin contact, transmitting the disease through HPV kissing is possible. If you get in contact with a person with HPV through touching of the skin and you fail to wash your hands prior to touching sensitive areas of your body, you have chances of being infected by the disease. More so through kissing wherein the transmission of saliva is pass through from your kissing partner to you.

Here are important issues you need to know about HPV:

o HPV comes in variations and risks. Those that don’t have physical signs and symptoms are deemed as the ones providing greater threats leading to cancerous lesions.

o Theoretically speaking, HPV according to medical doctors cannot be transmitted through kissing mouth to mouth. However, oral sex or genital kissing can spread the virus after going down there and up to kiss someone on the lips. That plays a major possibility of passing on the disease.

o French kissing is considered to pass HPV as it is characterized by not just a mere smack but a heaving kiss.

Instances like these are very much alarming that all it takes is a mere intense and intimate kiss to get affected. This virus that normally attacks cervical cells can be alleviated on early stages where women are not sexually active (i.e. ages 16 to 23). So, you better be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

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