June 16, 2024


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Is Master Cleanse Diet a Miracle Diet?

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Literally, it is not. There is nothing miraculous about the Master Cleanse Diet except the miracle of natural medicine. The maker of this diet, Stanley Burroughs originally made this as an alternative to curing colon cancer using chemicals and drugs. All the ingredients in this diet are organic and every effect you will see and feel should be credited to nature.

What is in the diet that makes it a natural detoxification agent?

The Lemonade diet, as Master Cleanse is called, involves a mixture of three ingredients that will help you lose all the toxins inside you. The first ingredient are freshly squeezed lemons. These lemons must be free from all chemicals. Do not use the ones you can buy in grocery stores because they can contain ingredients that can harm you instead of helping you. They can also contain sugar additives, which you should not mix in your food during the span of this diet.

The second and third ingredients are first class cayenne peppers and grade-B maple syrup. First class does not mean the most expensive but it should be the freshest as well as the ones that do not contain chemical insecticides. The grade B maple syrup is your source for calories and it sweetens the concoction too. All of these three ingredients must be organic.

Why the emphasis on organic things?

The Master Cleanse Diet, as I have stated is not designed as a weight-loss program. As a detoxification agent, you should be careful that while cleansing yourself, you do not take in new toxins inside you. Doing so can mean that despite your hard work, you might not lose anything at all.

It was Stanley Burroughs careful selection of the three ingredients that created a mixture effective enough to be called as a Miracle Diet. Each of them have natural properties that aids th body in cleansing. The lemons, cayenne pepper and the maple syrup as well are natural medicines themselves.

The Master Cleanse is proven to e very effective as a natural means of cleaning the body of the poisons that we take inside us. But a word of warning though, see your doctor first and as for supervision.

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