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Neck Muscle Exercises For Growth – How to Build an 18 Inch Neck!

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Neck Muscle Exercises For Growth – How to Build an 18 Inch Neck!

What do you think is the most neglected muscle group? The calves? No. The forearms? No. The back? No! The answer is in fact a group of muscles that are constantly visible throughout your daily life: The Neck!

Sporting a large 18 inch neck instantly makes you look strong, powerful and masculine and even if you’re not interested in training it for aesthetical reasons, then you should be training it to prevent injury!

There are various neck muscle exercises that you can use to quickly build up a strong looking tree trunk neck. In this article I will explore the three most effective of these exercises.

But before I introduce you to these great mass builders, we must take a look at the safety aspects of training the neck muscles for both size and strength.

Your body depends on your neck in so many different ways, this is why when training the neck you must take a few precautions to ensure you don’t sustain an injury. The first of these precautions is to maintain flawless form throughout the entire range of motion of all of the exercises. If you’re struggling to finish a rep, don’t, it’s never worth damaging yourself on one measly repetition.

The other precaution you have to remember before performing any of these exercises is to keep your repetitions slow and controlled, at least 2 seconds for the concentric and another 2 seconds for the eccentric is advised. If you follow both of these tips, you should never sustain an injury from using the following exercises:

Barbell Shrugs: Although, not directly a neck exercise, the barbell shrug is a great mass builder for the upper traps; the muscle between your shoulders and your neck. Building large upper traps will help to make your neck look broader and more muscular.

Neck Extension: The neck extension works a muscle called the splenius. The splenius is the muscle on the very back of your neck. Using extensions to build this muscle will quickly make your neck look very impressive from behind.

Neck Bridge: The neck bridge will develop almost every muscle in your neck very quickly. It basically involves balancing a large proportion of your body-weight onto your neck muscles as well as on the balls of your feet. Although it sounds dangerous, using the two safety precautions given above should prevent any chance of developing an injury from performing bridges.

Use the three neck muscle exercises above to your advantage and people will soon start noticing how muscular you’re quickly becoming.

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