May 21, 2024


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Organic Wheatgrass Powder: The Many Benefits of a Teaspoon of Wheatgrass Powder

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How much organic wheatgrass do you really need?

One thing about taking a natural or organic health supplement, like wheatgrass, is the fact that there’s always a fair amount of confusion on the amount that should be ingested as well as the interval for the dosage. People who are in a very strict diet, are very keen in keeping schedules, especially in taking their nutritional supplements.

according to the website buy whole foods online uk, it is important that a person take at least a teaspoon of organic wheatgrass powder per day. Depending on a person’s nutritional requirement, a person can increase the dosage to up to two ounces, or around 6 teaspoons per day. A person should also mix the wheatgrass powder in a glass of water or juice, seasoned to taste. Regarding the interval, a person who is in a very strict weight loss or detoxification regimen may follow a three-time per day schedule – right before breakfast, lunch and dinner. While doing so, it is important to remember that the stomach should be empty or free from acidic foods, to better benefit from the alkalizing effect of the organic wheatgrass powder.

The benefits of an ounce of wheatgrass:

A few people may be skeptical, of the information, that it only takes a few ounces of wheatgrass powder, per day, to help the body detoxify and boost organ performance. However here are three reasons why a few ounces is more than enough:

a. An ounce of wheatgrass powder for increased energy – organic wheatgrass is around 70% chlorophyll. It has been proven that cholorophyll helps in the production of hemoglobin and the distribution of oxygen throughout the body. An increase in blood production and oxygen flow can greatly benefit those who are regularly doing strenuous activities.

b. An ounce for detoxification – a few ounces or a teaspoon of wheatgrass has the health benefits, similar to a bowl of dark green vegetable salad. Vegetables and fruits have been well-known to absorb and help sweep out harmful toxins and pathogens from the body.

c. Two ounces for the prevention of cancer and diabetes – in the field of medical treatment, organic wheatgrass powder has been well known to provide the body with nearly the same level or more of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that can help the body stave off cancer and normalize the body’s blood-sugar level. Wheatgrass powder may have an alkalizing effect on the organs of the body, therefore limiting the risk of carcinogens or cancer cells from growing and developing.

Wheatgrass is one of the best superfoods that can help improve the body’s energy levels and protection. With regular intake, a few ounces of wheatgrass can go a long way in helping the body prevent the growth and development of toxins, pathogens, carcinogens and even serious viruses.

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